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English and Spanish speaking agents
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How to get an Immigration Bond

  • Immigration bonds are granted by either Immigration or Customs Enforcement or by an immigration judge.
  • Either party sets the bond amount to ensure the immigrant's appearance at ALL OF THEIR REMOVAL PROCEEDINGS.
  • Once the bond amount is set, that amount must be given to the ICE detention facility or field office.

Here is an example... if ICE sets a bond of $5000, and the detainee's family posts that amount at an ICE field office, then the person will be released. ICE will return the $5000 if the ex-detainee shows up for all IMMIGRATION REMOVAL PROCEEDINGS. If they miss ANY DEMAND SET FORTH BY HOMELAND SECURITY WITHIN THE CONFINES OF THE I 352 BOND CONTRACT, then the $5000 will be forfeited.

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What is an Immigration Bond?

There are only a handful of ways that a person can be released from a immigration detention center. Release on an immigration bond, release on AN ANKLE MONITOR, release on an order of supervision, RELEASE ON THEIR OWN RECOGNIZNACE and THE BEST CASE SCENERIO, termination of REMOVAL proceedings.

An Immigration Bond is an amount of money set by Immigration and Customs Enforcement or by an immigration judge. The FULL amount must be paid. This ensures the detainees appearance FOR ALL REMOVAL PROCEEDINGS.

How much does an Immigration Bond cost?

This varies dramatically from company to company and it pays to do your homework.
Here are 4 questions you MUST ASK your Immigration Bond agent:
1. Is there an application fee?
If so, how much?
2. What % of the bond is taken as a fee?
3. Is there an annual renewal fee?
4. Is there a minimum renewal fee required?
Not getting these answers could cost you thousands of dollars.

Are you looking for an ICE Detainee?

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