Our Investigations department specializes in all federal immigration client concerns as well as county bail bond investigations. We manage almost 200 nationwide investigators with over 50 years of combined staff investigations experience. Our investigations department is available 24 hours day with direct paged on call staff in 47 states to address your immediate concerns. If you have any concerns about a party that you cosigned for guaranteeing appearance of subject as outlined in contractual obligation email or call our tip line immediately. This includes belief that your family member or your friend is subject to fleeing or has fled and will not be appearing on demand date. There are several defined reasons for contacting our department sp we can assist appropriately. This also includes, if subject has been rearrested and in custody or has departed the united states on own omission. These can be complicated time consuming matters to not only secure our companies liability , but also release the signing party from bond when the requirements are met.

Please leave a good call back number as well as your first name and A# ( Alien Number ) so the proper file can be referenced and reviewed. If you wish to be anonymous , please specify such within email.
Let us, help you and secure the appearance as required per contract and financial obligation.