Stewart Detention Center, a private prison in the United States of America, is run by Corrections Corporation of America in association with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is a body responsible for enforcing federal laws that govern customs, border control as well as immigration for promoting public safety and homeland security. It was established in the year 2003 via a merger of the interior enforcement and investigative elements of the Immigration and Naturalization Service and former U.S. Customs Service.

The Stewarts Detention Center is located on CCA Road, ten minutes away from town and is among remotest immigration detention centers across the country. It is said to fall under the jurisdiction of the Chief Immigration Judge’s office.

Black hole of American Immigration System

Recent news reports suggest that Stewart is fast becoming a major moneymaking center for the region. In the year 2012, it contributed to 20% of the total revenue in the country. The money was generated from approximately 1,700 beds which are occupied by men awaiting the decision on whether or not they would be deported from America.

The Stewart Detention Center and the neighboring immigration court are reported to have the highest nationwide deportation rate. One of the reasons for the reasons for this is that the detainees residing at the Stewart Detention Center have very less chances of finding an immigration lawyer for their case. Why? This is because there aren’t many lawyers living
close to Lumpkin. Also, very few of them will actually make such a long journey to consult their clients, most of whom are incapable of affording their services.

No lawyer, no representation for detainees

The Stewart Detention Center was named among the 10 ICE facilities selected to be closed in 2012 by the Detention Watch Network. One of the reasons for it being targeted was the death of one its inmates, named Roberto Medina-Martinez in March 2009 due to medical neglect.

The United States of America has over 40 privately operated facilities and the Stewart Detention Center is one of them. These facilities serve as residence for those who are facing deportation. If the immigrants get arrested somewhere in the Southeastern part of America, there is a high chance of them landing up in Stewart. However, if the same men were to be sent to a Miami-based detention center, they would have a very different future. Their chances of getting an immigration attorney would be three times more.